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Help knowledge workers stay focused

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Concentrating on work is hard. Knowledge workers are hyper-connected, addicted to social media, and constantly distracted.


Keep track of focused uninterrupted work. Pomodoro on steroids. Learn what is distracting and what locations are best.

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Secondary research, primary research, prototyping, usability testing, interaction design, interface design, branding.

About focus

Researchers often refer to the ability to concentrate as a muscle that needs to be exercised to be developed. Yet, the environment in which knowledge workers find themselves atrophies their concentration muscle. Notifications, social media, direct messages, and open office layouts all make it harder to focus.

This app is inspired by the work of Cal Newport. Especially Deep Work.

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User Flow

Focus Time App User Flow

“It’s tempting to let yourself be distracted when you are working on something hard.”

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Focus Time App Wireframes

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"It’s easy to be distracted from a task. To start one task and get distracted because another one pops up."

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